World of Nintendo Mario Mini RC Racer Vehicle

549 kr
11 st I lager (online och fysisk butik)


Ever wonder what would happen if your Mario Kart Remote Control got struck by lightning? It would shrink down of course! The World of Nintendo is happy to bring you the new Mini Remote Control Racer. Now with added performance you can even pop wheelies and do 360 spins! With up to a 100' range this Remote Control can go the distance! Do not use the World of Nintendo Anti-Grav Remote Control in a thunderstorm; actual lightning will not cause the car to shrink down to a mini version although that would be awesome!

In standard mode, you can have Mario race around the room. Then, make Mario perform cools drifts and tricks with just the press of a button in anti-gravity mode. Don't worry - no blue shells or green shells will try to deter him this time!

With up to a 30m range, you can have Mario zoom around in the distance and even pop wheelies and perform 360° spins!

Requires 14 AA batteries (included).

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